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How to Submit Ads to your Ad Server

This system is designed to be friendly, easy to use and require very little computer skills, but there are rules to follow so you don’t get charged for ads that are free.

digital signage meets billboard TV

Left Side uses ( jpg ) files

Right Side uses (gif) files

Control Your Ads Here

 Note: These sizes are based on your system resolution set to 1024 x 768. You will have to change them if you select a different screen size. Keep this size if you use the “Custom Size” feature. Read more here
Prefixes of the ad names will trigger special functions called “Trigger Image

Ad Display Time


To change the length of time an ad will display from the default 15 seconds you must use the Update prefix “U_##” with a 2 digit second timer from 05 to 60. Anything outside this time will change back to 15 seconds.

Suggested file name U_08_filename.jpg (display ad for 8 seconds)

Trial Ads


Some owners will offer a Trial ad for a period of time to allow clients to see if they like the system before purchasing an ad. The Trial period should be no more than 1 week for best results.

file name convention = T_filename.jpg

4 Day Weather for current location


Many owners wanted the ability to show the weather for their current location so I added a way to make any static AD trigger the built-in weather system. Just add the prefix “W_” to any Static AD and not only will that AD show, but after 5 Ads show or so the 4 day Weather will be shown for about 20 seconds randomly. See what the weather will look like here.

file name convention = W_Any filename.jpg

Top US News RSS


Using the prefix “R_” to any Static AD and not only will that AD show, but after 10 Ads show or so Top US News will scroll on the main screen for about 20 seconds randomly. See what the News will look like here.

file name convention = R_filename.jpg

Random Video Ads using YouTube

Note: Now plays full screen as its own process

Note: videos must be 15 seconds or longer to stream properly


You Ad Server can stream any YouTube video by naming an uploaded image with the special 11 characters that identifies each YouTube video. Use  the “V_” prefix and than the YouTube ID followed by how many minutes to play the video (max 99). The software is designed to allow 10 minutes ads to be displayed before Video Ads will be allowed to stream. Once a video ad starts it can stream from 01 to 99 minutes and 30 to 59 seconds set by the suffix of the file name.–t0_Bc

file name convention = V_jPxG–t0_Bc_MM-SS.jpg

You can also upload MP4 video files using the same naming convention, but the extension is MP4. There is a limit to 30 Megs in file size for these video.

file name convention = V_name_MM-SS.MP4

Programmed YouTube Videos


Your Ad Server can stream any YouTube video at a specific Date and Time by naming an uploaded image with the special characters that identifies the Date, YouTube video and the length of time to play it. Use  the “H_” prefix and then the Date, Time, YouTube ID followed by how long to play the video. The software is designed to allow a 2 minute tolerance window. Once a video starts it can stream from 01 to 99 hours,  01 to 99 minutes and 30 to 99 seconds set by the suffix of the file name.

If you set the Month, Day and Year to all Zeros like this “00-00-00″ the video will repeat every day at the set time.

Sample YouTube URL:


Example video Ad file names

This one will play on Christmas day at 5:30 pm for 2 minutes and 18 seconds


This one will play everyday day at 1:30 pm for 2 minutes and 18 seconds


More about Billboard TV here

Sponsor  or Owner Ads


Owners of the Ad Server name their own ads with the “S_” prefix so if their is commission, these ads would be known not to be counted as paid ads. There is no limit to how many ads you place on a system for your own personal use, but remember you want to make a profit.

file name convention = S_filename.jpg

Community ads from Non Profits and more


Non Profit ads are marked with the “N_” and provided only by the local community and A to Z from many places across the nation.

A to Z provides a FREE way for the community to get the word out about things that give back to the community at large and organizations that give back much of their profits to the people it supports.

File name convention = N_filename.jpg

Public Service Announcement (PSA)


Public Service Announcement (PSA) ads are marked with the “P_” and provided only by the A to Z main website only.

PSA ads cannot be seen from your control website and pushed into your systems automatically from the server side.

File name convention = P_filename.jpg

A PSA is “any announcement (including network) for which no charge is made and which promotes programs, activities, or services of federal, state, or local governments (e.g., recruiting, sale of bonds, etc.) or the programs, activities or services of non-profit organizations (e.g., United Way, Red Cross blood donations, etc.) and other announcements regarded as serving community interests.


Size of Ads required:

The system wants to see jpg files only with a size of 1024 x 615 in pixels for full screen or 960 x 615 for split screen mode. Create your ads with a paint program like Paint, Photo Impact (our favorite), PhotoShop and others. You can even use PowerPoint and then save it as a jpg file, re-size to 1024 x 615 or 960 x 615 and then upload to ad server. The latest ad server software will resize your ads on the fly, but this produces unclear ads if they are too far in size from the ideal size above.

Here is a link to an online Resizer for images: here is one you can download Faststone Photo Resizer(free version)

Desktop Software for Hosts and Virtual Hosts:

All owners of digital signage system get desktop software that allows them to see their Ad Server content, stats on views and more.

Download it here

Latest Update here

Note only runs on Windows based systems 98-Win10

Get more information about the Desktop Control System here



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