Roku Details

This is what you get with the Roku Channel Package

First off understand that a Roku channel burns through bandwidth as viewers watch your videos. Many use Vimeo Pro to store their videos for the streaming on Roku and many others devices, but as soon as a channel gets popular they jack up the prices. Well, we alivated that issue by supplying a hosting system that replaces Vimeo or others that could also hold the website too.

What you need to provide

  • We need create a Roku account for you or if you have one already the login information. You can change the password after we are done creating the Roku Channel, customizing and adding all the necessary technical connections for you. 
  • Customize your Roku Channel we need a few images for Branding and you can see that chart below.
    • Channel logo
      • 400 x 90
      • The logo to be displayed inside the channel.
    • Splash screen
      • 1920 x 1080
      • The screen to be displayed while the channel is loading.
    • Background image
      • 1920X1080
      • The image to be displayed in the background of the channel’s home page. Alternatively, you can use a background color instead of this image.
    • Small search logo
      • 165 x 60
      • The logo to be displayed within Roku Search as a button for playing the channel’s content.
    • Poster
      •  540×405
      • The thumbnail to be displayed in the Roku Channel Store search and details pages. This image should make it easy for customers to identify your channel.
  • We need the Domain name you want your new website to use. Remember that’s included in the package, but if you already own one we can use that too. If you are using a domain you already own we need you to change the DNS to point to your new server in this package and we will email you that information after hosting is setup.
  • We will need at least a few pages of content to add to your new website like contact, home page information and etc. up to 8 pages. You can add as many as you like after we turn the site over to you.

Here’s all what you get in the package


First you get world class affordable semi-dedicated web hosting which will meet the always growing server feature requirements of your traffic-consuming sites like corporate portals, online stores, forums, company blogs, etc. No need to worry about pages loading slowly and numerous website downtimes due to server overload issues.

Custom Website:

Your semi-dedicated web hosting server is equipped with all the features typical of shared web hosting package, such as a easy-to-use Web Hosting Control Panel, a Web Apps Installer, a Website Installer, free website templates, just to mention some.

Next you get a domain name and custom built website on the world’s number one platform WordPress. This means that you will have full control over pages, posts and all content. There’s 1000’s of free Themes to choose from and even more plugins to make the website the best possible partner to your Roku channel. 

This new website is also where you control all your videos that stream on the Roku and optional Fire Stick streaming platforms. All the functions you need from creating the Roku Categories to adding the videos and cover art can be controlled from the website. When you update your website regular Videos, Short-form Videos, Series or TV Specials they also update directly into the Roku channel too. You Roku’s JSON LINK is created automatically for Roku to read.

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