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Create and Manage Ads? - Digital Advertising Media - (Digital Signage, Billboards and Menu Boards)

Managing your ads for all your Ad Servers

As a Host or Virtual Host you go to the Ad Server Control Panel here:

When you purchase an AD Server you will have to get an account created for you at the link above by registering and waiting for approval. Once approved you will have a visual representation of all your systems and ads. If you downloaded the software version and created your own Ad Servers using a personal computer you will still have to get it activated before you can control ads.

We also have PowerPoint Ad Templates too.

Here’s some FREE tools to create ads with:

Adding your Billboard Ads:

Once logged in, find your own account by looking for your business name. The standard location images will be there if you have not customized your Ad Album with your own image. You will only have access to change the ads in your own systems but you can see all the others that want to be public.

Once you click on your own album you will see the Ad Servers you own no matter where they are located physically. We suggest you make the thumbnail of each Ad Album represent the location it’s in. Below you will see that each album has an image of the location it’s located in.

For each Ad Server you will see two thumbnails which represent the left side (Display) and the right side (Sponsor) folders. These Albums will hold your Ads that are pulled vis the internet down to your digital billboard systems.

Click on the Album to see the ads in that specific location. While at this level you can add new billboard ads, edit the ones there with comments and important information about the subscriptions and delete the ads that have expired. The dropdown menu under each ad image will allow you to manage that ad image. If you click o the thumbnail you will get a larger version of the ad and clicking the second time you get the full size image. You can right mouse click and save the images to your hard drive and use for marketing or emails.

Note: NEVER ADD, DELETE or MOVE an Album or you will loose control over that AD Server and it will fail to connect to it’s own ads via the internet.

Add Billboard Ads by clicking the Add Items link on the left.

Click on the Choose File button to select your billboard image from your hard drive. The file needs to be saved in an RGB jpg format only for the Display Side (Left) and a gif format for the Sponsor Side (Right).

The pixel size of the Ad required is determined by the size of screen and resolution set when you configured the display during setup. You can read more about custom screen sizing here. If you don’t use the custom size you can use 1024 x 768 as a default and the system will stretch the image to fit. This will not be the best image possible, but will work.

Select an ad file from your Hard Drive that you created earlier using your favorite graphics program. Remember it needs to be 1024 x 615 in pixels (or the size screen your chose in setup of your ad server) and saved as a jpg. Try to keep the size in bytes down to under 150k for best performance.

For the Sponsor (Right) side of the screen you repeat the same process, but the file must be in gif format and default size of 320 x 615 pixels (or the size screen your chose in setup of your ad server) . Animated gifs are not compatible on all systems so we would suggest not using them.

Once your ad is uploaded you will see a thumbnail version and it will be LIVE on the system that’s connected to that album within 1 hour by default if not changed.

It’s best to play with your system at home first before you install the system on location. There’s many features to the system like LIVE streaming video and more so visit the Ad Types and Controls to learn how to make the best of your new digital signage business.