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Start Your Own Digital Signage Business

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Starting your own digital signage business can be a lucrative and rewarding opportunity.

Here are a few key selling points to consider:

High demand: Digital signage is in high demand as businesses look for modern, effective ways to engage customers and communicate information.

Versatility: Digital signage can be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising, product displays, event promotion, and more.

Easy to set up and manage: Digital signage technology is user-friendly and can be managed remotely, making it a low-maintenance business option.

High margins: With relatively low overhead costs, you can enjoy high-profit margins while providing valuable services to clients.

Growing industry: As technology continues to evolve, the demand for digital signage is expected to grow, offering a sustainable and growing market.

Start your own digital signage business and enjoy the benefits of being your own boss, while providing a valuable service to customers.

Business In A Box

This package is all you need with a TV to build your first Digital Billboard system. It includes the membership setup that gives you your network that can hold up to 99 systems. An activated Intel-powered micro PC with Windows 10 and the DAM software installed for your new network.

Yes, starting your own digital signage business can be affordable and accessible. With a low initial investment of just $149, you can start providing valuable digital signage services to clients and tap into the growing demand for this technology. This investment will cover the essential equipment and software you need to get started, allowing you to offer high-quality services while keeping overhead costs low.

By starting your own digital signage business, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, while providing a valuable service to clients. With a low investment and high margins, it’s a smart business opportunity that offers tremendous potential for growth and success.

The basic anatomy of your digital billboard area is for running ads like billboards which are static ads like those seen on the highway, Videos, Music Videos, Posts, Weather, News, and more.

One owner who made their own What is it video


You can even STREAM YouTube LIVE to your Digital Billboard and this can open up a brand new experience with some innovative content. Just think about streaming a LIVE football game to your screens from the local high school, church, or concert. 

Some great places for using digital signage are hotel digital signage, DMVs, retail signage displays, restaurant digital display, restaurant menu boards, and more.