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This package is all you need with a TV to build your first Digital Billboard system. It includes the membership setup that gives you your network that can hold up to 99 systems. An activated Intel-powered micro PC with Windows 10 and the DAM software installed for your new network.

You don’t have to quit your job and you can control your entire business from home via the Internet. Digital Advertising Media or DAM as we call it created the perfect Digital Signage business for anyone that wants to supplement or replace their current income stream while at the same time working from the comfort of their own home.

Where you place your new indoor digital billboard is up to you, but each location requires an internet connection to operate and to be controlled remotely.

The basic anatomy of your digital billboard area is for running ads like billboards which are static ads like those seen on the highway, Videos, Music Videos, Posts, Weather, News, and more.

One owner who made their own What is it video


You can even STREAM YouTube LIVE to your Digital Billboard and this can open up a brand new experience with some innovative content. Just think about streaming a LIVE football game to your screens from the local high school, church or concert. 

Some great places for using digital signage are hotel digital signage, DMVs, retail signage displays, restaurant digital display, restaurant menu boards, and more.