Updating your software

There’s a few ways to update your software

Please follow these steps to bring your systems up to date for both the Ad Servers (PCs) and your computer you use to control your systems. These steps will show you how to bring the Desktop Control Panel software update too.

First way:

or could be named DAM Updater this icon will be on all Ad Server systems that connect to the back of the TVs. You will need to take a keyboard and mouse to your locations to make this update. 

First you connect the keyboard and mouse to the Ad Server while it’s running and either click the left mouse button over the scrolling text or hit the spacebar on the keyboard to stop the billboard software from running.

Then find this icon or one that says DAM Updater and run that. Wait until it start the main software up on it’s on. This will take 30 seconds or less. 

Now your system is running the latest version of the Ad Server software and you can now take away your keyboard and mouse. Leave it running and you’re done.

Second Way if you have newer software:

Follow these easy steps to upgrade your ad servers and your desktop control panel software:

Updating the Ad Server Software:

If you have version 4.9.5 and higher all you have to do is find this icon on your desktop and click it after you close the existing software. It might ask you to approve running it for security.

This will take about 30 seconds and AutoStart the new downloaded version for you when it’s done.


Another way is to just un-install the software, download the latest to get the updater icon on your desktop. 

1 – Uninstall the old DAM Digital Signage Live by going to the programs area under DAM Digital Signage or in the control panel of Windows and find it there to uninstall.

2 – Once uninstalled, download the DAM Live Setup here and save where you can find it. It’s a zip file so you need to un-compress (extract) it to find a file named “dam_setup.exe“. Run this file and approve it to run if Windows asks.

Your system might ask to reboot, but ignore this for now. 
 3 – Now download VLC from here and it will also be a zip file that will need to be uncompressed and remember where you saved it. Install it with all the default settings. You won’t need this software if it was already installed before.

4 – Now you can reboot if asked to allow Windows to make the final changes.

If all went well your Ad server should startup running the digital signage software without waiting the 30 seconds. This is because I disabled the auto-update system for now. This allows the system to run with or without an internet connection if you have a D drive connected. More here on that…

5 – To make sure you have the latest version of the DAM Live software you can stop the software with the space bar. Now double click the “MiniBillboardStart” icon once to allow it to update the main software and run it. You only need to do this when I send up update notices from now on.

Ad Server Done (Repeat on all your Ad Servers).

Next, you have the Desktop Control Panel software which would be located back at your home or office computer. This does not get install on Ad Servers located out in locations. It’s only used to set up systems and change their settings as well as check on status among other things.

Desktop Control Panel Update:

The Desktop Control Panel software has also been updated with the same new features and media types. Follow these steps to update it.

1 – Download Control Panel software and save where you can find it. It’s a zip file so you need to uncompress (extract) it to find a file named “dam_control_panel_setup.exe“.  Run it.

2 – Now download VLC from here and it will also be a zip file that will need to be uncompressed and ran. Leave all the default settings and install. Now you can run the Desktop Control Panel software when needed. More on this software here.

I will create some videos to show these instructions soon on the main website here.

Now you’re done.

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