Software Update 05/1/2021

This Update is to the Desktop Control Panel software to handle the updates to the Ad Server software.

The link to get the ad stats and the button added to the software to access the activity data without Sync.

This will help you explain, sell and market your system and at least make sense of how often ads of all types are being displayed.

The version with the update will be be “Ver 15.9.7” and higher.

Note: Run the DAM Updater if not done after 4/30/2021.


I finished the Ad Pairing feature for Display Ads with Sponsor Ads and vis-versa. Now if you make a Display and Sponsor Ad with the same name when one shows it will load the other also.

This will not work with video ads and sponsor ads because it screws up the timing as well as freezing the Sponsor ad for as long as the Video plays.

Example would be maybe a product for sale as the Display ad and a way to purchase that same product as the Sponsor ad. The example below shows the use of QR Codes which you can create here.

In the above example the Display side ad is named “green_screen.jpg” and the Sponsor side ad in named “green_screen.gif”. If one or the other is randomly loaded it will go fetch it’s twin for the other area.

The Ad Server software version with this feature is “15.9.6” or higher. Use the DAM Updater icon on the Ad Server or use the Desktop Control Panel software to force an update remotely to get to this version.

Remember remote updating is only possible if you kept your system software updated all along.

If you forgot how to update your ad server software you can read more about there here.