How do I reset my Ad Server if I get file open errors?

Getting file open or too many files errors it normally means some one or more of the needed files used to run the Ad server software is either corrupt or deleted. 

These are the files that need to be in your c:\billboards directory to run properly. Some of the files are created by the Ad server software when it first runs while others are put there on installation.

Keep these files and delete all others including jpg and gif image files.

  • usage.csv – used to hold views of display ads between reboots.
  • streaming.txt – tests for Live Streaming
  • status.csv – keeps track of when the system checks in to the network for new or removed ads 
  • server.txt – used only when on a private server
  • screen_settings.txt – holds custom screen settings is relative pixels in Horizontal and Vertical
  • livestop.txt – used to test if the systems is streaming live video from a Go Live command via the Desktop Control Panel software.
  • host.txt – used to hold Ad Server Screen messages, delay time between ads, screen type of split or full, screen resolution mode, update time to check for new or removed ads and shoutcast radio stream URL and daily reboot time for garbage collection of windows.
  • activation.txt – Holds state of account for this Ad Server
  • golive.txt – Holds the URL for live streaming if Go Live issued by Desktop Control Panel
  • actual_screen.txt – holds custom screen settings in actual pixels X and Y
  • mini_billboard.exe – main Ad Server application
  • MiniBillboardStart.exe – ran once to get main Ad Server software update.
  • Uninstall (folder) – hold uninstall information
  • news_url.txt – Holds the two URLs for the Hourly live video and these could be anything
  • text_colors.txt – Holds the colors for the Background and Foreground of the static and scrolling text colors. 

This is a clean directory for the ad server software

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