Types of Screens

Standard Startup Package comes with 1 Ad Server and Website

DAM Digital Signage

To get started you purchase a Starter package of 1 system and 1 website or a Network Package with 3 systems and 1 website to take orders and payments for ads. No screens are provided unless purchased as an option but we think it’s best to purchase your own displays at your local BestBuys, Walmart or other electronic store to save money on shipping and handling. Make sure your displays have a RGB, PC or HDMI display connection to work with the Ad Server’s display connections. Remember that the Stick PC can only use HDMI connections.

The setup of the system does have sound not required for the standard static Billboard Ads. This is by design to allow placement in any location without disturbing anyone.

Each location you install a digital billboard will require you to buy the best size for the area. The good thing is that no matter what size screen you purchase the AD Server will conform to the screen size. You can use indoor screens or large outdoor screen, but remember to check with your city to see what is required when you do outdoor systems.




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