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Downloads - Digital Advertising Media - (Digital Signage, Billboards and Menu Boards)

I know getting started might be a challenge for some so I created some free Tag Images already set up to add to your Ad Servers. Some are for as Random videos designed to break up the static billboard style ads and others are Daily video streams like for news, weather, sports and business. 

Note: LIVE Streams can change or be removed at anytime so test them often.

VLC update to play YouTube links

This file is an update for systems that stopped playing YouTube streams and the video below shows how and where to copy it to on each billboard system. Download here: Here’s a video to watch how to update the file:   

Update Software for Desktop Control Panel

This is the software you can run to update your Desktop Control Panel software  

DAM Live Setup

This program is the main Ad Server software version 15.x that runs on the PC converting it into a Digital Billboard System. You will need to install 1 other program to complete the setup. VLC which you can get here  if not downloaded in this package

Various Documents

Here are some various documents that you can modify that will help you in sales and placement of your digital billboard systems.

Spreadsheet for sales

This is a simple spreadsheet to show you what you could make with sales and systems.

DAM Business Overview

This is a complete overview of how Digital Advertising Media does the Digital Signage business. We show you how to build the business for almost free.

Video and Sound Drivers for Lenovo Stick 300

If you can’t set the video resolution or there’s no sound this will be the fix you’re looking for. This also fixes the slow graphics response and allows you to change the monitor settings. Some Windows 10 updates kill this driver.

Desktop Control Panel Setup

This is the full install of the Desktop Control Panel software V 4.9.6 that’s used to set up and manage some of the features and functions of each Ad Server. To download these files, right mouse click on the download link and open in a new tab. You might have to turn off any virus