Hourly News and Weather

The DAM Control Panel Software latest version is 4.9.5 and Ad Server software latest version 15.8.7

Many business owners of the DAM system have asked for the feature of showing News and Weather on a regular schedule and now it’s here. The new feature allows you to set two video URLs that will stream for 5 minutes each at approximately the top of every hour. 

The two URLs could be used for any video actually, but designed for News first and the Weather 5 minutes later. I’ve set default URLs directly inside the code that can be overridden with any URLs you like when saved. 

If you change the URLs please check them in the “Video URL” section at the top of the screen first before using them in a live system. 

Step 1: Run the latest Desktop Control Panel software by running the . This will get the latest version and run it.

Step 2: Update the Ad Server software also by running  . Let the system count down and it will update the software and run it. You can stop it after it starts by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard.

Desktop Control Panel V4.9.5

The Hourly video stream settings area

These two streams can be activated and deactivated by checking the box next to the URLs labeled as such. A check means it is activated and will show start streaming at the top of each hour. No check means no streaming. You can have one or the other or both activated and each stream lasts for about 5 minutes or so.

These URLs can be very long so I added  Clr to clear out the URL stream for you before adding a new one for ease of use.

The News stream in Cheddar News which is general news and the Weather is from Weathernation.

Make sure you test the URLs first here if you change them from the defaults

Remember that these videos eat into your Ad viewing time and make you no money so think about this in your overall business model. You lose about ~11 minutes per hour if you have both the News and the Weather activated. 

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