The Basics

 Our Basic Digital Billboard System Layout

digital signage meets billboard TV

DAM which stands for Digital Advertising Media is a combination of software running on standard Windows based PC to create a Digital Billboard or Signage System. I designed and wrote the software to be easy to learn and use with a smooth and efficient way to make you money. There is no special classes that take you weeks to take and learn. If you have a basic understanding of how to use a PC and a Graphics program like Paint or Photoshop you can run this business.

A complete Digital Signage Business In A Box for $199 – $249


Digital Signage Business In A Box

The system is simple to install and manage via the Internet. Yes, once your system is installed at a location (hosting location) and connected you can add and delete Static Ads, Random Video Ads, Programmed Videos and Stream ShoutCast music to that location from home.

Here is one of our past entrepreneurs explaining the areas on the screen and how he uses it.

Just like the large Digital Billboards on the Highway your system does what they do and more, but in better locations Indoors. Indoor Billboards are more then 50% effective than Outdoor Digital Billboards.

Basically if you want to get into the Digital Signage business we got you covered and with a very low startup cost from $199 to $350. It’s up to you and there are NO monthly charges what so ever with all the profit completely yours!

DAM supplies you all the things you need to start your own Digital Signage company from the start.

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