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Setup Billboard TV Mode - Digital Advertising Media - (Digital Signage, Billboards and Menu Boards)

How to setup Billboard TV Mode

One of the ways you can use our digital signage system is as a streaming TV system with the added advertisement in the Sponsor area or in when vertical in the banner area.

You can have channels if you like by adding a keypad to the system and program Streaming channel that can be selected locally by using pressing 1 – 9. This will give you 9 channels that can be selected on location.

Setting up a single-channel Billboard TV system:

Step 1: Go to this website – and search for the streaming URL for the channel you want to stream 24/7 on your digital billboard system. You can change this remotely if you like so you are not locked into one channel forever.


Your stream URL will look like this or close. Take this URL and paste it into the “Video URL” area and press play. If you don’t see a streaming video in a few seconds that could mean it’s being used anymore. Keep trying until you find a stream that plays. 

This example is with CNN US and you can see it streams below. Now you know that it can be used for either creating a Tag Image using the “S_“. You can learn how to make this here.

On-Demand Channels:

Version 16.0.2 gives you an On Demand Billboard TV mode which uses the number keys to select from 9 channels you can pre-program. To program these channels you have to use a number prefix from 1 to 9 in this format “1_” to “9_”. 

Note: In this mode, the seconds to stream is ignored so the stream never stops 24/7 unless you intervene. 

If you have Tag Images uploaded to the system in this format you can just press the number 1 key on the keyboard or keypad if connected to force your digital signage system into Billboard TV mode manually and start streaming the channel programmed for key 1.

Example for On Demand Channel 1:

You will need two files just like you would with the “S_” method. These files would be a jpg image with the file name  “1_name_of_text_file.jpg” and the actual text file itself with the URL listed to stream followed by seconds to stream. See more on this here.

desk control panel

You can also send this stream to a LIVE billboard system remotely by first selecting a billboard number 00 – 99 and clicking the “Go Live” button. You can send it to all your billboards in your network by pressing the “To All” button. Be careful doing this because all your billboard systems will stream the same video at once.