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I know getting started might be a challenge for some so I created some free Tag Images already set up to add to your Ad Servers. Some are for as Random videos designed to break up the static billboard style ads and others are Daily video streams like for news, weather, sports and business. 

Note: LIVE Streams can change or be removed at anytime so test them often.

Add this "Tagged Image" ad to your system and it will randomly display a 7 Day Weather Forecast for 20 seconds. This is a sample file and you can create…

Add this Tagged Image Ad and you will display Top News from all over the world randomly for 20 seconds. 

Watch as blacktip reef sharks and cownose rays circle our mangrove lagoon exhibit in search of their next meal—and it’s not far away. Stop by Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30…

African Watering Hole Camera powered by

safariLive stream for DAM digital signage set for Random and runs for 5 minutes

 Posted on : October 25, 2011

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