Activating or Demoing Software

You can just set up your system a Demo here

I created a special version of the software you can download and try on your own PC to see if it’s compatible and if your area can connect to our servers here in the US.

All you need is a Personal Computer, Tablet or Mini Computer running version 98 to Windows 10 operating system and an internet connection. Next, just download the Demo Software and install. The software is already setup to run on our demo account without changing your PC in any way.

When you run the software you PC will start displaying Ads and Videos from the Demo network if all went well. If you want to play around with updating ads and videos just contact me for a login.

When your done with the demo just uninstall it.

Watch me do it from Start to Finish on a Lenovo Stick PC with Windows 10

Please follow these steps to activate a new ad server that you set up on your own.

1 – Download and install the software and install on the PC you are using as the Ad Server. Activate your PC and get a Server Name by paying $99 below (Yearly Hosting Fee). We include one FREE setup on newly activated accounts. If you add more PCs (Ad Servers) it will cost $50 each one time to set up.

2 – Make sure to change the Computer Name to match the Server Name we gave you when signing up followed by the number of the ad server in your account. An example would be “MYSERVER-01“. The word MYSERVER would be replaced by your server name assigned to you below after activation. If you don’t know this name just call and we can help you figure it out.

(This will make your PC asked to be rebooted if done right.)

3 – Make sure all screen savers and extra programs are uninstalled or disabled. Set the system to NEVER sleep or turn off the screen and set the hard drive to sleep after 30 minutes if you like, but not required.

4 – Remove all virus protectors or set them to NOT auto-update.

5 – Turn off Auto Updates from Microsoft for the operating system.

6 – Make sure your not behind a firewall that does not allow FTP or HTTP connections to ports 25, 21 and 80. This is normally ok in most cases.

7 – Pay for the activation so we can create the account for this new PC which turns into an Ad Server.

8 – Install at the location and start selling ads.

Note: We suggest you also install “Google Remote Desktop” to all PCs you will be using as ad servers so you can take full control over them remotely when and if there is a problem on location. This will keep you from having to drive to your locations for a simple reboot, setting or other needed service requirements.

Pay for Activation here

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