Some New Software Updates

There’s a few updates to both the Ad Server and the Desktop Control Panel software.

I found a bug that would only happen on some systems with poor internet that would make the ads freeze. The software would be still running, but stuck on 1 set of ads forever it seemed.

I tacked it down to a delay timer and just re-wrote the timer algorithm which seems to have fixed the issue. What sucks about errors like this is the fact it doesn’t do it with all systems. Anyway, I had a system that it would consistently fail on and now after 24 hours of running I have no failures.

To get the update just run the DAM Updater located on the ad server after stopping the live software from running. You can do this by hitting the spacebar or clicking the mouse if connected.

The new version with the fix will be “Ver 15.9.5“.

Note: For those of you that have systems yet to install at locations you want to run the DAM Updater before installing on location.

Added feature

Version 15.9.5 and higher now saves a CVS file suitable for Excel or Sheets by Google that shows the date and time of each ad both Display and Sponsor side. With this data you can get statistics for your clients and prove how many times a specific client’s ad has been shown on the screen.

This file is named ad_views.csv and it holds data until you either reboot the software or do a force a software update either remotely or locally. If this happens it will clear the file out and start a new. In the future I will have it also reset this file each month automatically. This has to be done so a system doesn’t run out of ram space.

By the end of this weekend I will have a button or a menu tab that will fetch this file for you and save it to your local hard drive.

Note: This feature is not available when not using the internet mode yet, but will be coming soon.

Sample below.

Making Ads with

Canva is great software with a FREE user version that will allow you to create static and video type ads. What makes it so great are the 1000s of templates you can modify, save and then use for your systems.

All you have to do is save the ad or video to your hard drive in the proper format like jpg for Display ads and MP4 for videos. The jpg you can use the way it saves, however the MP4 videos you want to upload to your YouTube or Vimeo account. Then create a Tag Image ad for the video for either YouTube or Vimeo depending on what service you’re using.