Running without the internet

No Internet Required in Local Mode

Your Ad Server can be used without an Internet connection in version 15 and higher of the Ad Server software and this includes videos too. Press the “h” key while your system is running to see the version information at the bottom of your screen.

I added this update because there are many situations where you might want to run a digital signage system where no internet is available or the internet is spotty like in a Taxi, Bus, Train or at a trade show.

You won’t be able to manage the ads remotely like when using the internet, but in these situations you don’t need to or might not want to anyway. 

Make sure you set up your system to run with the internet first before using setting up the USB drive. This includes setting up the custom screen sizing since this data needs to be saved to the cloud from the start.

Now that a system works 100% while connected to the internet, let’s make it work offline.

To set up your AD Server to be able to run local you will need to add an external hard drive, USB flash drive or create a partition on the ad server itself and name it “D”. The extra drive needs to show up in windows as Drive D or it will be ignored.

Note: Some of the Stick PCs have a micro-SD slot and it’s already setup as a D drive when you add a micro-SD card. 

Follow these steps to setup the D drive so it can be used for your ads:

Step 1: First off you will need to get your Ad Server PC setup using the internet at home before you can go local without the internet. Basically you want to have it running correctly, screen size setup and have your branding text saved at least once using the Desktop Control Panel. All this meta setup data will then be saved to the Ad Server and can now go local after following the next 3 steps.

Step 2: Create a folder on the D drive named “ads“. This includes using the micro-SD card, USB Flash Drive or USB hard drive.

Step 3: Add a text file to the “D:\ads\” folder with anything or nothing in it named “readme.txt” and you can do this with Notepad that’s built-in to Windows. Download this file for a sample setup  ads

Step 4: Now copy your ads to the “D:\ads\” folder that you want to display on your ad server when going local and no internet. You can copy the jpg, gif, mp4 and mov files all into the same “ads” folder. The system will sort them out on it’s own.

Restart DAM Live software and that’s it. As long as that D drive is present it will display the ads from there. If you remove it the system will go back to looking at the internet for ads.

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