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Stream YouTube Videos to your system as easy as ads!

Here is a live demo of one system showing a movie trailer & streaming music

If you are setting an ad server up on your own make sure you update the Flash Player

Now you can place random and programmed videos in the system to be played just as easy as adding a static billboard ad. DAM streams YouTube videos directly through your Ad Server with no need to upload anything to the Ad Server network. Programmed videos can be set to stream at an exact Date and Time just like you would if you owned a TV station.

No need to upload a video to your ad server because all videos are streamed from YouTube directly. Just find the Video ID and the time of the video to create an Image that represents the video you want to stream. DAM uses the best features of YouTube for your benefit like auto bandwidth throttling as well as banner free streaming. No hard-drive space limitations because YouTube is where your videos are hosted.

Videos can be as long as 100 minutes long which allows you to play most full length movies as well as short commercials an and video clips. When a video is complete the system will resume standard ad rotation and playing of the radio stream if it was also activated.

Video ads are added to the system the same was static ads are but we use a small trick by naming the images with embedded codes that will trigger the system to pull the video from YouTube.

Random YouTube Videos


Your Ad Server can stream any YouTube video by naming an uploaded image with the special 11 characters that identifies each YouTube video. Use  the “V_” prefix and than the YouTube ID followed by how many minutes to play the video. The software is designed to allow 10 minutes ads to be displayed before Video Ads will be allowed to stream. Once a video ad starts it can stream from 01 to 99 minutes and 01 to 59 seconds set by the suffix of the file name.

Note: Video Triggered Ads must include the Video ID as well as the Length of time to play or videos will never play.–t0_Bc


Random Video Ad

file name convention = V_jPxG–t0_Bc_MM-SS.jpg

Click here to download pre-made Ads that stream video

Programmed YouTube Videos


Your Ad Server can stream any YouTube video at a specific Date and Time by naming an uploaded image with the special characters that identifies the Date, YouTube video and the length of time to play it. Use  the “H_” prefix and then the Date, Time, YouTube ID followed by how long to play the video. The software is designed to allow a 2 minute tolerance window. Once a video starts it can stream from 01 to 99 hours,  01 to 99 minutes and 01 to 99 seconds set by the suffix of the file name.

If you set the Month, Day and Year to all Zeros like this “00-00-00” the video will repeat every day at the set time.

Sample YouTube URL:


Example video Ad file names

This one will play on Christmas day at 5:30 pm for 2 minutes and 18 seconds


This one will play everyday day at 1:30 pm for 2 minutes and 18 seconds


Please visit the Downloads area to get a few demos to test on your ad server.

 Posted on : May 6, 2013

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