Sending LIVE Video

The DAM Control Panel Software latest version is 4.9.4. 

As you all know (or not) your systems can display video in many formats from video files, video streams like YouTube, Vimeo and even HLS LIVE Stream URLs.

Well, before now you could select an Ad Server (digital billboard systems) location and send a Go Live command to that system in real-time via the Desktop Control Panel software. Now you can send to all your Ad Servers in your network at once as well as reset them all at once. This requires the latest version 4.9.4 to have this function.

To update your Desktop Control Panel use this icon below. It will update the software and run the new version all in one step. After it’s updated you can run the application with the standard icon.

Using the new features:

At the top of the Desktop Control Panel software you will  see the buttons “Go Live” and “To All“. These buttons will send the “Media URL” to the selected or all Ad Servers in your network respectively. 

To send to just the selected Ad Server:

Step 1: Find a video URL from either YouTube, Vimeo or any other place that hosts videos and or Live Streams and paste the URL into the area named “Media URL“.

Live streams can also be in the form of an HLS URL like this: which is the Live Stream for Cheddar News.

Step 2: Press the “Start” button to make sure it works in the Desktop Control Software first. If it doesn’t work here it won’t work on the Ad Servers either. Some stream and videos are blocked from working outside their hosting location so always test them all first.

Step 3: Now choose how you want to push the video content to your Ad Server(s). If you push “Go Live” it will only stream on the selected Ad Server you Synced with. If you want the video source to go to all your Ad Server in your network click on “To All“. 

Desktop Control Panel

Note: Depending on your video content the Ad Servers resume displaying ads after the video is done, however if you are doing a LIVE Stream and there’s not end the Ad Server(s) will never stop streaming until you press “Reset Ad

 Server” or “Reset All” respectfully.

Also always use the power supply that comes with your Ad Server to power it up. Do not use the TV’s USB port because it only has limited power. These Ad Servers require 2.5 Amps to run correctly or they can be damaged. It fine to just turn the TVs off and keep the Ad Server running.