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Getting Started - Digital Signage - Digital Billboards - Menu Boards

It’s easy to start your own Digital Signage business with Digital Advertising Media and only requires 3 steps.

The Digital Signage business is pretty straightforward with these simple steps:

Step 1: Find a suitable location where people are forced to wait for services like a Barbershop, Salon, Dr. Office, Dentist’s Office, Tire and Car repair shops, and the like. Decide what type of deal you want to make with the hosting location like either commission for Ads sold or something else. 

Step 2: Order your Digital Signage package and purchase a flat-screen TV from your local electronics store along with a TV mount. We like Walmart ourselves and the best thing is you can always get a good deal. If the location already has a TV installed use that if you can.

Step 3: When you get your Ad Server install you can start selling Ads.

Note: it’s better to play with the system at home for a bit to get used to how things work, but other than that, you’re now in business.

We have a few ways to help you get started

1 – $149 program (Do-It-Yourself Hosting): Designed for people that have some computer skills and PCs of their own. Use the Control Website to manage your ads on all your systems via the Internet. Grow your business from here as you get more acquainted with the system by activating each additional Ad Server PC for $50 as a one-time setup.

2 – $199 to $299  (Stick) (Hosting): Designed for businesses that just want to use the ad server at their location to advertise their own things, and sell ads to customers but not really trying to become a digital billboard business. This is great for churches, stores, barbershops, salons, restaurants, and doctors’ offices for information awareness, PSA, Trivia, Ads, and more. Comes with 1 Ad Server PC and a web login to control the system via the internet.

3 – $249-$348 (Business In A Box): Designed as a starter package to get you into the digital billboard advertising business. Come with a professional website (optional), custom branding, and a domain name, and gives you all you need to start selling ads from day 1. This can be placed in locations like plan 2 but now you are actively marketing the fact you sell billboard ads to the public with your own website (optional). Comes with a website, 1 Ad Server PC, and web login to control the system via the internet.

4 – $717 to 817 (Stick) Network Package: Designed for the serious entrepreneur that wants to start a new digital billboard business in their area. Three systems allow you to actively sell ads as a small network of systems, allowing you to give your clients much exposure. Comes with a professional website, 3 Ad Server PCs, and a web login to control the system via the internet.

Extra Ad Server PCs can be purchased for $199 to $249 (Stick) at any time to expand your network of digital billboard systems. They come pre-programmed to work in your network of systems ready to install out of the box. All can be controlled individually via the internet once installed on location and connected to an internet connection.


This is an overview of how a Digital Billboard system works