VLC YouTube live stream update

Google broke the live stream system again with their latest update, but this will fix it until VLC has a new update. Replace the installed youtube.luac File in the VLC-Directory. 1) Download this new youtube.luac file.  2) Copy of the new youtube.luac File in the VLC-Install Directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist” this is where it will be if you

Software Updates

After a full week of programing the main software for your ad servers and the desktop control panel has been updated, but this update can not happen automatically like the others. The new software will require you to download and install the LIVE system over the current one and to install VLC which all will

DAM Live Setup Software

DAM Live Setup Software

This program is the main Ad Server software that run on the PC converting it into a Digital Billboard System. It requires 1 other application to be installed to operate properly. 1 – VLC which you can download and install here Download here

DAM Pro Software Demo

This is a demonstration of how to use the new DAM Pro software powered 100% by WordPress to control a digital billboard system. The software is $99 and all you need is a Smart TV that has web browsing capabilities.

The Bahamas welcomes DAM

While I was sick I got a new network of billboard systems started in of all places the Bahamas.   Now my little Digital Advertising Media not for profit company will be in 4 countries and 26 states providing jobs. Too bad I don’t make any money from the business, but I sure love it