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The best home based business on the internet!


A true business in a box that will actually make you great income.

Add Digital Signage to your Business

digital signage meets billboard TV
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Display Static Billboard Ads and Stream Video and Music for your Clients!


Great example of the perfect location for a Digital Billboard – right where people are congregated.

Anyone can do it!

Don’t throw away your money on MLMs or get rich quick scams. All the information required to own and operate a Digital Signage Business is included in our Business In A Box package. Very little technical experience required and no complicated books to read or follow. If you can operate a TV and upload images to Facebook you can run your own Digital Signage Business and make good money doing it.

Have you ever wanted to have a job where you can make your own hours and work anyplace there is an Internet connection? Owning your own Digital Signage business from Digital Advertising Media will allow you to do just that.

This business is very easy to setup and run and we help you 100% of the way until you become a pro at selling ads, creating and uploading your ads.

You can load up to 1000 ads on each Digital Sign (Ad Server)!Digital Signage Home Based Business

Our Digital Signage systems are controlled via the Internet from anyplace in the WORLD:

No media cards or USB drives to carry around from location to location. Run your entire Digital Signage  Business from the comfort of your own home or while on vacation on the other side of the world. More about the control software here.

Install our Digital Signage systems in mobile places like Taxi Cabs, Busses, Trains, Trolley Cars and Limos and still control them remotely via the web. ….. More on this here

Your Ads are Socially Feed to Social Media Networks too via MRSS technology! …. More here ….

RSS Twitter Facebook

The split screen option allows you to get sponsors that effectively make your new Digital Signage Business FREE and earning you 100% profit. …. See how this works here

Download our Digital Signage software demo and see how it works on your own PC here.

We also teach you how to get your new Digital Signage business off the ground 100% FREE with online Webinars, phone training and live training if in Dallas where we office out of. Call for details on our training classes and to RSVP since seating is limited.

Digital Billboard Worksheet

Download our Digital Signage Spreadsheet to see what type of income you can make here.

General Office: 214-509-6678 / Hours: 10:30am to 10pm

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