Start Your Own Digital Signage Business for $99!

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The Basics

The Basics

DAM which stands for Digital Advertising Media is a combination of software running on standard Windows based PC to create a Digital Billboards.

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Getting Started

Getting Started

We have actually have 4 packages to help you get started. Each one is designed to help you become successful without the need for weeks of training.

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Watch our Videos

Watch our Videos

Setup a system on your own if you don’t purchase one from DAM already to go and various other videos showing the system in operation.

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Start Your Own Digital Signage Business

A breakthrough in technology now allows anyone to start their own Digital Signage business for only $99

All new DAM PRO Software solution

We are a not for profit business so there’s no upcharging here!

All you need is a SMART TV and our software!

On top of that you don’t have to quit your job and you can control your entire business from home via the Internet. Digital Advertising Media or DAM as we call it created the perfect Digital Signage business for anyone that wants to supplement or replace their current income stream while at the same time working from the comfort of their own home.

This is not some fly by night get rich scheme, but a real world do-it-yourself digital signage business that’s taking the big digital signage companies by storm. We are part of Business In The BlackA+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau. 

What does it take to become your very own digital signage company?

We provide you with a website that you can use for both your business and controlling your digital billboards from anyplace in the world via the internet. 

Your new website and control system includes:

  • WordPress powered website setup with over 1000 free selectable themes that you can modify 24/7
  • Hosting and Domain Name for 1 year at $99 a year and there are no more costs to us
  • Your new website comes with a shopping cart system for charging your customers and advertisers
  • A listing system so you can display your locations
  • Scheduling system so you can manage when your ads need to be renewed
  • It comes with 20+ ad templates for static billboard and video style ads that match
  • Personal one-on-one training

How does it work?

See how the DAM PRO Software works here

With our new DAM PRO Software all you need is a Smart TV or a Windows based PC (Compute Stick is ok) with our auto start software and you’re in business. 

Where you place your new indoor digital billboard is up to you, but each location requires an internet connection to operate and to be controlled remotely.

The basic anatomy your digital billboard area is for running ads like billboards which are static ads like seen on the highway, Videos, Music Videos, Posts, Weather, News and more.

What did cost thousands now costs hundreds and the profits are endless. The system was designed from conception as a work from home business after I became homeless that can grow into a massive network of digital billboards you control all from your living room. I even teach you personally how to setup and use the software and digital signage system. Videos here

Whether you’re a single mom or an established advertising business our system will work for you.With as little as $99 you can start your own digital advertising business using our software and free training.

You can even LIVE STREAM YouTube LIVE to your Digital Billboard and this can open up a brand new experience with some innovative content. Just think about streaming a LIVE football game to your screens from the local high school, church or concert. 
How about this one at the DMV building while people wait?
DMV digital signage
A Place where people are forced to wait for service is a great location!

Anyone can do it!


Digital Billboard Worksheet

Download our Digital Signage Spreadsheet to see what type of income you can make here.

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