Hosting your own system

The Host or Sponsor Host is a business that allows a Mini Billboard System to be placed in his or her establishment. This place could be anyplace that you feel people would see the Ads that rotate every 15 seconds on the Digital Billboard Display system.

What does it cost to become a Host?

We have actually have 5 packages to help you get started:

1 – $99 program (Do-It-Yourself Hosting): Designed for people that have some computer skills and PCs of their own. Join our system to control your PCs for FREE, download and install our software. Then activate each system you setup on your own for $50 each. Use the Control Website to manage your ads on all your systems via the Internet. No business website included in the Do-It-Yourself program.

2 – $199  (Stick) / $399  (Nettop) program (Hosting): Designed for businesses that just want to use the ad server at their location to advertise their own things, sell ads to customers but not really trying to become a digital billboard business. This is great for churches, stores, barbershops, salons, restaurants and doctors offices for information awareness, PSA, Trivia, Ads and more. Comes with website, 1 Ad Server PC and a web login to control the system via the internet.

3 – $350 to $550  program (Business In A Box): Designed as a starter package to get you into digital billboard advertising business. Come with a professional website, custom branding, domain name and gives you all you need to start selling ads from day 1. This can be placed in locations like plan 2 but now you are actively marketing the fact you sell billboard ads to the public with your own website. Comes with website, 1 Ad Server PC, 1 display and web login to control the system via the internet.

Digital Signage Business In A Box

4 – $696 (Stick) to $1299 (Nettop)  Network Package: Designed for the serious entrepreneur that wants to start a new digital billboard business in their area. Three systems allow you to actively sell ads as a small network of systems, allowing you to give your clients much exposure. This plan also gives you the option to lock down a territory if not already taken so keeping out any competition from A to Z. There is a minimum ad server installation per month to keep an area locked out from other entrepreneurs. New people would have to go through you to get into the business within your lock out zone. Comes with a professional website, 3 Ad Server PCs and web login to control the system via the internet and a lock-out zone or territory that your business would control.

Extra Ad Server PCs can be purchased for $199 (Stick) or $400 (Nettop) at anytime to expand on your network of digital billboard systems. They come pre-programmed to work in your network of systems, 30 days of hosting pre-paid and ready to install out of the box. All can be control individually via the internet once installed on location and connected to an internet connection.


General Office: 214-815-9308 / Hours: 10:30am to 10pm

Marie 214-994-9864 (Se Habla Espanol)

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