What is Remote Hosting

Digital Signage on locationVirtual hosting is when you purchase a system for a location other than your own. A good example would be to signup to sponsor a billboard system and then have it installed at your favorite barbershop or doctor’s office. This is the normal way to run the business and to create monthly income.

Each network of billboards is independent of the others but can be part of a larger linked network region to allow maximum profit sharing for hosts (sponsors of the system). This is the power of being a community of systems across the nation. This also allows ads to be targeted more accurately to a specific area much like the internet itself.

Each system has no real limit to the number of ads it can hold, but we like to keep the ads down to 100 to 250 per system to allow the most views for your clients. Remember it’s about the community first so don’t be greedy and your business will be strong.


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