Taxi, Bus and Limo Billboards

Billboards on the GO!

DAM will allow you to use your Ad Servers in Cars, Taxi Cabs, Busses, Trains and Limos too.

No need to have internet to use Billboard and Video ads

The DAM system is designed to be used in Mobile Billboards also using Micro PCs or Tablets PCs depending on how you want it setup and the type of vehicle it’s installed in.

The system above is using the Micro PC by Intel that plugs directly into the HDMI port of any standard TV or Monitor screen. The hardest part is mounting the display and providing AC power using a DC-AC inverter. Some vehicles come with this already, but I would plan on adding this anyway. You want to use an DC/AC Inverter that provides a clean sine wave so you don’t hurt your TV’s internal power supply.  

Using the PC Tablet you will need to have an HDMI cable to go from the tablet to the TV or Monitor. 


PC Tablet Version

The Tablet version includes a 10.1″ Tablet and web log in to control the system via the internet. This Tablet system is very unique because you can actually carry it around with you for live demos (personal hotspot or WIFI required) or you can use the offline mode to run from a thumb drive. 

PC Tablet Version

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