Setting up Ad Server (XP)

How to change your Computer Name (or Workgroup) in Windows XP

If for whatever reason you need (or want) to change your computer name (or Workgroup), follow the instructions outlined below and you’ll be done in no time ..

  1. Close all applications and ensure that you are logged in with Administrator privileges
  2. Click Start then select the Control Panel
  3. Click Performance And Maintenance
  4. Click System

  1. Click on the Computer Name tab. Here the current Computer Name and Workgroup are displayed
  2. To change the Computer Name or the Workgroup, click Change
  4. Enter a name for your computer in the Computer Name field
  5. Enter a name for your Workgroup in the Workgroup field
  6. Click OK
  7. If you changed your Workgroup name, a window will welcome you to the new Workgroup
  8. Click OK
  9. When a window prompts you to restart the computer, click OK


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