Ad Creation Package


DAM will create ads for you for $5


DAM will create ads for you for $5

$5 Ad Creation Service

DAM has a new ad creation service where static ads as well as video streaming ads from YouTube, Vimeo and HLS video URLs (your videos). 

Static ads will have to have some direction images and copy to be created. If no images we will use royalty free images that best fit the ad. You can also send business cards from clients and we can create an ad from that if possible. 

Remember that less copy (words) work the best as well as images with people need to have permission, paid for image stock or free stock images so you don’t get sued.

Thes ads can be for the main display area or the right side or sponsor area and the price will be the same. 

I’m working on more services like video creation and more.

How it works:

The client (you) purchase an ad creation package for $5 which gets paid directly to the graphics designer. You will get an email asking for all the information for the ad and images if you are supplying them. A general description of how you want the ad to be laid out and what type of ad you want.

If it’s an ad that streams from a video source you would need the video URL. More about video ads here.

Who’s doing the work?

DAM is using freelance graphic designers that charge $5 per ad. All payments go directly to the designer 100% less 2.9% that PayPal takes. The get about $4.88 per ad they create so it’s a pretty low cost service and I personally know each one.

This would be an example of a $5 ad