What is an Ad Server?

Use our Ad Servers to Build YOUR business!

Digital Advertising Media takes a large, expensive digital signage system and miniaturized it down to an affordable system that anyone can use and sell advertisement on. This smaller and lower cost system allows more businesses and everyday people to participate in electronic advertisement like never before.

Digital Signage Business In A Box

Lenovo Q-190 shown below with an and for even tighter place we use


We use the Lenovo systems because they are designed for tight places

Intel Compute Stick or Lenovo Stick PC 300

Lenovo Q-190



Some of the features of the Digital Advertising Media (DAM) System

  • Ad Server is smaller in size to fit in any business location
  • Connects to both VGA (using Q190s and better) and HDMI displays for small or massive screens
  • Networked via the standard Internet not an expensive private system
  • Automatic negotiation of the  Ad Server network
  • Automatic software updating via the internet (reboot required)
  • No Rating Limits
  • No unit placement rules or licences required
  • No limits on subject matter (Barber Shops, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Offices, etc.)
  • Stream videos anytime 
  • Easy Web Based Ad Control Panel to handle one or all systems in your network from one location.
  • Network Alert System designed to work much like the Amber Alert system on highway signs and TV stations.
  • Send Client ads as eCards and RSS Feeds for Social Networks, Mobile phones and websites
  • Create Slideshows for websites from each network or each system
  • Up to 1000 ads randomly change every 15 seconds or change based on each ad timing commands.
  • More features coming each month…
The Software behind the System
The Digital Signage system update their ads from the ad server every hour by default and checks for Network alerts (Like Amber Alerts) in the process. When ads are loaded into your Ad Servers via the Internet they also are sent to Social Networks via RSS technology too if you have this set up.
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