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A Large LED display has a cable and rigid link support structure for a number of LED display. The cable and rigid link support structure is flexible but has sufficient structural integrity to prevent misalignment of the pixel modules. The LED modules are removable from the support structure individually and as a group so as to facilitate repair of the display. The LED modules are rugged so as to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and they provide sufficient luminescence for use in sunlight.

Automotive aromatherapy diffuser is used in automobiles to improve the fragrance of the air within the passenger compartment. They are normally plugged into the empty cigarette lighter socket of a conventional automobile. The electrical system of the automobile, among other things, energizes an internal resistor which provides heat to a fragrance laden pad. The heat from the resistor energizes the fragrance in the pad and dispels the fragrance to the interior of the passenger compartment.

One of the problems of such a device is that the heat from the resistor is not adjustable in present diffusers. The inability to adjust the heat leads not only to the inefficient diffusion of the oils in the fragrance laden pad, but also in circuit boards presently used, the risk of system failure and even fire are always present.

Photographic paper has been achieved in consideration of these facts, and an object of photographic paper is to provide a photographic paper reserve mechanism of a simple construction capable of guiding the photographic paper while smoothly curving and suspending the paper, enabling the printing and development processing to be performed smoothly. Thus, photographic paper ensures, with a simple construction, that the printing process and the development process of KODAK photo paper can be performed smoothly by curving and suspending intermediate portions of the photographic paper in a suitable manner without folding them doubly or triply.


 Posted on : September 24, 2013
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