Software Updates

After a full week of programing the main software for your ad servers and the desktop control panel has been updated, but this update can not happen automatically like the others.

The new software will require you to download and install the LIVE systemImage result for vlc over the current one and to install VLC which all will be soon available on the main website. This will make it so future updates will be automatic by me and VLC.

VideoLAN, VLC, VLC media player and x264 are trademarks internationally registered by the VideoLAN non-profit organization.

I changed the media streaming system to now using VLC which can handle all types of data types. With this change the system can now stream LIVE TV, YouTube and MP4s for video.

I added a “Image Tag” of L_ to stream Live TV or other LIVE Streaming URLs that you find. This could be Web Cams and more from any source in the world. More about this here.

Image result for streaming tvAdded an feature to stop LIVE Streams from the desktop control panel for streams that have no time limit ahead of time. Great for things like football games and concerts.

Updated the ad server software to display all videos streams in the main display window, not outside the window that hides the sponsor area.
Updated the Local Mode so your systems can work without internet support and use either a USB drive or the microSD card that comes with the Compute Stick PCs. This is great for mobile, taxi and events where internet is not available.

Updated the desktop control panel to play all the video types you upload to the ad servers in the main window.
Videos are being added to help with setup and use of the new features.
More to come..




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