Social Connections

Social Media Marketing with your Digital Billboard Ads

Ads are converted automatically to smaller sizes for Email Marketing, Social Media Networking and well as Mobile distribution via the RSS technology.

Your ads are connected to Social Networks like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and more via RSS at the Ad Server level. This gives your clients a Social Boost in advertisement at no extra cost to you or your clients.

How it works:

Each Ad Server has its own storage bin for ads on the Internet and is hosted like a website. Not only are these ads shown on the Internet as a web page but each ad can have keywords and descriptions that allow Google and other search engines to locate them via search.

The ads in these locations are also converted to smaller versions of themselves for other forms of marketing like email and social. The email marketing is done via the control website as an ecard of the ad. This is a smaller version of the ad that can be sent by email to future clients.

The Social Marketing version of the ads are even smaller yet and sent to social sites like Twitter, FaceBook, LinedIn and MySpace using the RSS feed system. This system allows each ad server to be connected individually to any website that allows RSS feeds. These smaller ads will go to anything that can handle RSS including Cell Phones that are connected to FaceBook or other Social Media sites.


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