No Internet Required in Local Mode

Your Ad Server can be used without an Internet connection in version 14 and higher of the Ad Server software and this includes videos too.

I added this update because there are many situations where you might want to run a digital signage system where no internet is available or the internet is spotty like in a Taxi, Bus, Train or at a trade show.

You won’t be able to manage the ads remotely like when using the internet, but in these situations you don’t need to or might not want to.

To set up your AD Server to be able to run local you will need to ad an external ha

rd drive, USB flash drive or create a partition on the ad server itself and name it “D”. The extra drive needs to show up in windows a

s Drive D or it will be ignored.

Note: Some of the Stick PCs have a micro-SD slot and it’s already setup as a D drive when you add a micro-SD card. 

Follow these steps to setup the D drive so it can be used for your ads:

Step 1: Create a folder on the D drive named “ads”. This includes the micro-SD card or USB Flash Drive.

Step 2: Add a text file to the “D:\ads\” folder with anything or nothing in it named “readme.txt” and you can do this with Notepad that’s built-in to Windows. Download a “Readme.txt” [Download not found] file here if you need it.

Step 3: Now copy your ads to the “D:\ads\” folder that you want to display on your ad server when going local and no internet. You can copy the jpg, gif and mp4 files all into the same “ads” folder. The system will sort them out on it’s own.

That’s it.

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