You can have your own Roku TV channel set up and start raking in subscribers and ad revenue…

Only $399 a year with no contracts

What is Roku?

In addition to providing content from broadcast TV and movie studios, Roku lets your small business create a TV channel. If television channel development sounds out of the realm of possibilities for your company, you can thank digital technology for making it happen. 

We can help you get your video content onto millions of TVs around the world!

Goodbye YouTube, hello Roku.

Right now, Roku channels are currently watched by 26 MILLION Americans… with Roku installed on 1 in 3 devices in the U.S alone!

And that’s why major streaming companies like YouTube, Netflix and Disney are already on Roku…

Because they know the truth…

… Roku is exploding

  • 1 in 3 devices have Roku installed and used for news and entertainment. That’s more than Apple TV!
  • Roku users stream an average of 48hrs per month — that’s higher than the national U.S average number of hours spent watching regular TV!
  • A lifehacker poll of 10,000 video streamers placed Roku #1… beating Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox and Amazon Fire TV!

Roku is like the good old days of YouTube…

  • Hardly any competition
  • Millions of viewers

We have come up with a great way for filmmakers to get their films streaming on Roku no matter how many films they have created. Filmmakers also share in the ad revenue that comes from Roku’s own ad injection system as well as sold ads in the digital signage distribution also.

As a bonus many of the films will be streamed onto local TV channels here in the DFW area that’s also seen around the world on their Roku channels.

What’s required?

  • To stream films and videos on Roku systems the files have to be hosted and directly linked as an mp4 or mov.
  • The resolution needs to by at least 720p, but 1080p is prefered. We can also use 4k, but many TV are not yet ready for this
  • We need cover art for the video listing in at least 1024 x 768 pixels
  • We need the right to stream the videos and that includes the music used too

What’s the cost?

We charge $399 a year which comes with a Website to manage, market and display your videos online as well as maintain, upload and manage your videos on your Roku channel.

  • Domain Name and Hosting for 1 year
  • Self Hosted WordPress based website
  • Video Streaming Theme for WordPress with user login and paid and free VOD (video on demand) capabilities
  • Website designed for both mobile and desktop viewing with Responsive system
  • Pro Vimeo account and website integration
  • Roku Setup and integration
  • Training on website, vimeo and Roku with video for ongoing help
  • Both Live Streaming and VOD capable system
  • Paid option for us to manage your videos
  • Paid option to include Fire TV management also
  • more..

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