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Why Choose Indoor Digital Signage

As a medium, digital out-of-home advertising reaches 67% of U.S. residents aged 18 or older each month across the venues measured and delivers a fairly representative cross-section of consumers. Of those who recall seeing digital out-of-home displays in the past month, 76% noticed seeing them at multiple venues This new medium delivers compelling and relevant messages to consumers throughout their day where they work, shop and play. LCD screens placed in locations as diverse as health clubs, transit vehicles, convenience stores and restaurants (to list just a few types of venues) are an increasingly important communications tool.


  • 300% sales increase when aided by promotion
  • 29% of shoppers made an unplanned purchase based on what they saw on screens
  • 68% of shoppers said in-store messages help their purchase decisions
  • 44% of consumers said they would switch a product they previously intended to purchase
  • 40% of consumers said they took note or watched the entire ad
  • 75% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase. Digital out-of-home signage gives advertisers the most powerful way to reach consumers at that key moment.



 Posted on : January 27, 2012

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