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Thinking of getting into the digital billboard industry?

Great idea but let me tell you the difference between Outdoor and Indoor systems, cost and profit margins!

Outdoor Billboards cost an investment of about $150,000  to $200,000 for a single face billboard, the potential net profit can be between  $125,000 and $360,000 per year! With ads costing your clients $1200 per week for each ad.

Indoor Billboards cost an investment of $750 for a single face billboard, the potential net profit can be between $30,000 and $60,000 per year! With ads costing your clients $50 per month for each ad.

As you can see, Indoor Digital Billboards have a lower cost for both the owner and the client with a better rate of return hands down.

Digital Billboards: The Facts

Outdoor systems display static messages that look like conventional printed billboards but with A to Z Mini Billboards we also Social Feed the ads with MRSS technology too for FaceBook, LinkedIn and other social sites. We also have "Rich Media" subcribtions that allow you to display Video, Music and Flash.

Ads/messages are delivered to digital billboards remotely.

Digital billboard advertising has no animation, flashing lights, scrolling or full-motion video on most Outdoor systems because it is a danger to drivers but we do on the Indoor systems from A to Z.

Six to eight advertisers typically share the same digital billboard location, with ads rotating every 6 to 12 seconds on the Outdoor system, but you can have up to 1000 on our systems. Most never go over 100 in reality which is still an amazing profit making amount from one ad server.

Hundreds of digital billboards currently in operation in the U.S.

Number is expected to grow consistently over the next few years.

Digital Billboards: Advantages

Generates revenue six times or more of the revenue of static billboard.

Accommodate day part messaging (like TV).

Ideal for quick creative changes.

Provide a “last-minute” advertising option (subject to availability).

Digital billboards require no additional production or installation charges.

Can deliver real-time information.


Digital billboard advertising reaches a mass audience quickly and cost effectively.

 Posted on : February 21, 2012

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