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DAM is a company that prides itself on being part of the community and with that being said we also allow FREE Public Service Announcements and Independent Film / Movie makers to run their Trailers in our network as filler advertisement. All you need to do is fill out the form below and we will push the content to the networks that allow it. (Some are private networks)

How to create a Video Tag Ad:

DAM Digital Billboards use a unique system to display or stream video content to it network of digital billboards across the nation. Each video gets two types of marketing which are Static Slides and the video itself. To do this we first need and image the represents your Video which can really be as simple as a screen shot of a scene in the video. This Static Image and then converted to a Tag Image that tell the Ad Server where to find the video and for how long to play for.


File name is V_BVQP9UNNYLM_02-13.jpg, where “V_” is the Tag and “BVQP9UNNYLM” is the YouTube ID and “02-13” is how long to play the video in minutes and seconds.


 Posted on : February 10, 2016

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