No Internet Required in Local Mode

I just wanted to let you know about some new updates to the software so you can either be aware of them and or download updates.

First off this is an update for the original software that uses a Windows based ad server and not for the DAM PRO website version.

What’s changed:

1 – Added the ability to have your ad server run without being connected to the internet. This requires you to have a thumb drive or a partition “D”. 
The system will detect the local setup automatically if present and run without internet by pulling it’s ads from the D drive. 

For this to work there’s some setup required and you can read more about it here.

 2 – Updated the Auto Start software to check to see if you are running with the internet or local with a USB drive or D drive for you files. Get the update here 

3 – Updated the Desktop Control Panel software so it would play the mp4 videos properly. This was a error in the code that one of the users found. Get the update here

The PRO System and website software is my main focus heading into the future, however I will be keeping up with the older software too because it has features that work in places the internet can’t go.


Darnell Smith founder of DAM

214-815-9308 or

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