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Start Your Own Digital Signage Business for $199


DAM is always looking for new places to install Digital Billboards with great traffic and the right demographic of people. Do you have a location suitable for hosting a Digital Billboard and want to earn commission from a connected network and your own local sales?

Locations hosting the Digital Billboards get commission all the Ads sold in their network as well as free advertisement in systems in the network they belong to. We call this “Host Advertising” which is a FREE perk for investing in a system in the first place.

All Ad Servers (Digital Signage Systems) would be purchased by you as an investment for $199 each and you supply the TV for your locations and that’s it. No monthly fees or any other investment to be part of the Ad Network. 

Just keep the system running and connected to the internet to earn monthly income from ads sold into the network you belong in. We keep network to 100 systems max to keep the commission level high.

digital signage meets billboard TV



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