DAM is always looking for new places to install Digital Billboards with great standing traffic and the right demographic of people. Do you have a location suitable for hosting a Digital Billboard System and want to earn commission from your system and the connected network your system is in?

Locations hosting the Digital Billboards get commission on all the Ads sold in their network as well as free advertisement in systems in the network they belong to. We call this “Host Advertising” which is a FREE perk for investing in a system in the first place.

All you need is a Smart TV with web browsing capabilities connected to the internet mounted in a public area of your brick & mortar business. We give you a URL to display on your Smart TV and you’re in business. No monthly fees or any other investment to be part of the Ad Network. 

We add your system location on our website’s map of Digital Billboard Systems so ads can be purchased for them. Keep the system running and connected to the internet to earn monthly income from ads sold into the network you belong in. We keep each network to 50 systems max to keep the commission level high.

What’s displayed in the Public Billboard Network?

Each Digital Billboard is categorized by location, demographics and allowable content so what’s displayed depends on these factors. For instance if the location is a restaurant we will never display another food selling advertisement. Some places don’t want political or religious ads displayed and these things are listed as off limits per location.

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