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HD TV Box with PIPThe Unique PIP (Picture in Picture) function, and the size of displayed window and location can be freely adjusted. This allows you to have LIVE TV  or other LIVE VIDEO while you have your Digital Billboard system displaying ads at the same time. This optional and independent system cost $99 extra, but not required to use your system.

More about the HD TV Box Add-on:

The HDTV LCD TV Box uses advanced and professional high-definition chips with progressive scanning technology to improve video quality and reduce noise, and make the picture more clear, beautiful and third dimensional. In addition, The HDTV TV BoxHD TV Box with PIP is fully compatible with broadband LCD monitor, and the highest resolution 1920 * 1200, thereby it solve the incompatibility problem between the ordinary computer / television receiver PC and LCD monitor, and easy to become a fashionable and healthy LCD TV. Moreover, the HDTV TV Box has PIP (Picture in Picture) Function when it is in the PC Mode, which can let you greatly enjoy wonderful Television Programmer when you use computer, neglect neither work nor entertainment. The HDTV TV Box also supports Picture browsing function, which can conveniently scan program of different channels.

 Posted on : February 3, 2016

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