How does it work?

Roku as you know is the number 1 streaming system in the world and now comes in most SMART TVs too. Roku allows you to add channels from HBO, Netflix and and the like so you can stream movies directly to your TV without the need for Cable or Satellite services. 

Well until now it would cost a fortune to get your own content converted into a channel that could be streamed to Roku for the world to watch. Other are charging upwards of $3,500 to set up channels and another $250 a month to maintain and manage your videos all because it was just too complicated for most people to figure out or even have time to do it for that matter.

What we did at DAM is to simplify this process and make it so affordable that anyone with video content could have their very own TV channel that could be streamed to anyone in the world with a Roku system. 

What’s in the package?

We charge $399 a year which comes with a Website to manage, market and display your videos online as well as maintain, upload and manage your videos on your Roku channel.

  • Domain Name and Hosting for 1 year
  • Self Hosted WordPress based website
  • Video Streaming Theme for WordPress with user login and paid and free VOD (video on demand) capabilities
  • Website designed for both mobile and desktop viewing with Responsive system
  • Pro Vimeo account and website integration
  • Roku Setup and integration
  • Training on website, vimeo and Roku with video for ongoing help
  • Both Live Streaming and VOD capable system
  • Paid option for us to manage your videos
  • Paid option to include Fire TV management also
  • more..

Start here when you are ready get your own Roku TV Channel 



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