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What is “Rich Media”?

Rich media is an Internet advertising term for a Web page ad that uses advanced technology such as streaming video , downloaded applet s (programs) that interact instantly with the user, and ads that change when the user’s mouse passes over it. For example:

  • An ad for a Hollywood movie that inclues a streaming video sample of a scene from the movie
  • A mouse cursor that is changed to an image on a particular Web site if the user requests it (for example, a cursor that changes to a tiny red question mark on a site like
  • A standard-size banner ad that includes an inquiry form about ISDN installation, capturing the user’s filled-in personal information, and telling the user they will  be contacted by a company representative – all simply by interacting with an ad on an online publisher’s Web page

Advertiser servers of rich media ads that use Java applets or components may also serve regular GIF images to people whose browsers don’t support Java well.

Rich Media can be Video, Audio or Flash in our case and gets served to the Digital Billboard Systems in the form of FREE Subscriptions.

A Rich Media Subscription is where a single Ad Server subscribes to channels of Video, Sound or Flash animated ads. These ads break into the static Display Ads about every 15 seconds be default much like a commercial which watching a TV show.

What channels are availible for subscription?

For now we plan on having basic channels like Sports, Health, Wellness, Beauty, News, Weather, Business, Entertainment and Classifieds.

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 Posted on : November 2, 2012

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