First Time Setup

This is a step by step set of instructions with video on how to setup your Ad Server and controlling PC when your business in a box arrives. Watch these instructions before you call for your one-on-one training on the system and setup.

Step 1: What’s in the box. This video is with the Lenovo Stick 300, but other systems will be somewhat the same.

Step 2: Connecting your Ad Server to a TV using the HDMI connection:

Step 3: Connect a keyboard and mouse to the ad server via the USB port and create a custom stream size for the display it’s connected to.

Now your ad server system is setup!

The next step is to install the Desktop Control Panel software on whatever windows based PC you will use to control all the ad servers you own.

Step 1: Install VLC for Windows here 

Step 2: Install the Desktop Control Panel here

To learn how to use the Desktop Control Panel go here 


Next you have the website used to manage your ads both static, video and live streams which we call the DAM Ad Manager which is located at this web address: To use this site with your account you have to register and we manually activate your account. At the same time your registration is linked to your personal network of ad servers from 01 to 99 of them.

Below is a demo of creating a simple static ad and using the website to manage an ad.

You can learn more here


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