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Digital Signage with a WordPress Core – How to series part 1.

This FREE Virtual Meetup via Live Webinar has been requested so many times that I felt like I needed to do it before 2014 is over and done with.

In 2 hours I will try to show you from start to finish how I run an entire Digital Signage business using WordPress as the core for sales, marketing and control of systems in 21 states and 2 countries.



Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to know how Digital Signage works at it’s basics and how to get started in the business as well as what it takes to run the business from an owner and inventors point of view. This is my company and my software using industry standard PC hardware.

This will not be a sales pitch, but a complete training series and will go through things like:

– how to setup your PC as an Ad Server
– how to setup the Ad Server as a Demo System
– how to create ads
– how to create video ads
– how to push your ads to your digital billboards remotely
– how to show your ads on a WordPress based website.
– how to connect your ads via RSS Feed to Facebook & Twitter
– how to add videos to YouTube for use in your digital billboards (ad free)
– how to create ads that link back to your WordPress website for lead capture using Free QR Codes
– how to track ad views
– Q & A

I will not go over sales and pricing but I will show you what I do for sales and marketing to get sales from 2 business models both National and Local.

This will be recorded and used for training material for my Digital Signage company Digital Advertising Media but I figured some of you might want to join me in the making of it.

What you need?

This is a Live Webinar so you will need to be connected to the internet, sound (PC or Phone), some basic knowledge of WordPress (not required) and some time to learn something new about the latest marketing systems known as Digital Signage and Digital Billboards.

If you have any questions before or after the webinar just call me at 214-815-9308 (text ok) or check out the websites for this business below.

 Posted on : December 18, 2014
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