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Start Your Own Digital Signage Business for $199

DAM Pro is completely different type of Digital Signage system with endless possibilities!

(This system is completely Web based)

No set screen areas so it’s all your own design and layout

This digital signage system comes with it’s own website for business and for control of the Ad Servers located out in the field. From your own website based on WordPress all your screens can be created and seen on ANY type of device with a Web Browser like mobile phones, Smart TVs and any operating system like Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and more.

How it works:

The special website WordPress based and designed with a combination of special plugins that give you all the power you need to create anything under the sun to be displayed on Ad Servers anyplace in the world with an internet connection. There’s no limit to how many screens you can create because their just web pages. 

Basically the system works in too parts. One, the Ad Server which in our case is a Windows based micro PC with special software to wake up and point to a specific web url that you specify on setup. 

Second is the website that allows you to create special windowless screens for the Ad Server to display. This website has many plugins to do things like control refresh rates at the Ad Server side, block IPs from using the pages you want private and more.

Unlimited Power:

This system gives you the power of the internet so there’s no rules or limits to what you can display on your Ad Server out in the field as long as there’s a working internet connection. As a matter of fact as the internet changes so will this system since it using the internet in the first place.

You can have screens that are interactive if you use a touch screen powered display to allow input from your viewers. How about showing LIVE videos from YouTube at a specific time of the day across many systems at once? Rotate static ads, videos, music videos and more. The choice and layout of the screens are only left to your imagination. 

The best thing is the screens are completely fluid and Responsive making the screen size irrelevant. Now there no setting of the resolution or having the wrong type of screen. The browser handles this for you on it’s own. 

What does it cost?

This system comes with a specially designed website that you can customize on your own afterwards and one Ad Server based on Windows 10 in a PC Stick format. The cost is $299 which includes 1 year of hosting and domain name registration. After your first year it will cost annually $99 to keep the service, the website and domain name.

There are no contracts and the domain name as well as hosting and website and put in your own name. Even if you decide not to continue with the digital signage business you own a new computer and so we think it’s a great deal.

There’s no more cost to add Ad Servers to your digital signage business on your own now. You can purchase any computer and just use the DAM Pro setup software and activate a system on your own. If you purchase them from us we only charge the for the cost of the Ad Server PC and shipping. 

No monthly fees

No long term contracts

No limits to how many screens you have

No limit to where you have your system located in the world

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