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Now all you need is a small dongle connected to an HDMI TV for a complete Digital Signage solution with the smallest footprint ever. No need for mounting brackets and no one will ever know it’s there for security.

Lenovo make a great version of this small PC that works great and we love the brand.

Introducing the Intel® Compute Stick1 is a new generation compute-on-a-stick device that’s ready-to-go out-of-the-box and offers the performance, quality, and value you expect from Intel. Pre-installed with Windows 8.1 and you get a complete experience on an ultra-small, power-efficient device that is just four inches long, yet packs the power and reliability of a quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor, with built-in wireless connectivity, on-board storage, and a micro SD card slot for additional storage.

Intel’s HDMI Stick

What’s under the hood?

  • Tiny compute stick that runs Windows 8.1, highly mobile and works with HDMI screens anywhere.
  • Input via standard USB, BT KB/mouse or smart device (smartphone, tablet) input via Wifi.
  • Highly mobile compute stick that runs Windows 8.
  • Transform a normal TV to a smart TV
  • Transform a normal Display to a computer
  • compute stick for homes, office, manufacturing lines or any business environment
  • Great device for Education and Emerging markets
  • Solution for mobile employees – only need public monitors in the office.
  • Great security and cost saving on office space and compute device for mobile employees


  • CPU: Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F
  • PMIC: Dollar Cove AXP288
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3L
  • Storage: eMMC 16GB/32GB/64GB
  • Expandable Storage: Micro SD Card Slot
  • Display: HDMI (Male connector)
  • Wifi: IEEE 802. 11 bgn
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 HS uART (Singel Wifi/Bluetooth combo chip)
  • Antenna: 30mm x 6.5mm x 2 mm, U shape dipole antenna
  • USB: USB2.0 cut type A x 1
  • Power Input: Micro-USB 2.0 B connector
  • Power Button: Yes
  • Adaptor: 10W(5V/2A)
  • BIOS: 2MB
  • LED Indication: Power Status Indicator
  • OS: Windows (Win 8.1 with Bing, 32bit)
  • Asscessory: 20cm HDMI cable (optional)
  • Dimension: 110.9mm x 38mm x  9.8 mm (HDMI connector inlcuded)
 Posted on : April 1, 2015
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