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For a while now I always wanted to marry the power of WordPress with DAM or Digital Advertising Media. Since I’m a WordPress developer already it only made sense that it was just a matter of time. Well I’m happy to say I finally did it and wow does it give you more features and marking power for your new digital signage business.

New Features List:

Private updates: The original scheme makes every business owner control their ads from one location on the internet. This was cool at first, but with many more people getting into the business and some wanting to be private it became a problem. Now with the WordPress compatibility the ads are updated into any system as easy as creating a standard blog post. Best of all none of the other digital signage business owners can see what you have on the back end unless you want them too.

Scheduled Ads with automatic removal: Now when you create a new ad for your clients you can set the Time and Date it will expire. The system will completely remove the Blog Post that represents your ad on your website as well as remove it from the ad server out in the real world.  

Control Unlimited Networks: Now you can control unlimited networks sets of 99 systems each all from one location. 

Add Networks and Ad Server: Now you can add your own Ad Servers and networks with $25 activation

Take payments online:

Add your locations to a locations directory:

Much more!

 Posted on : September 16, 2016
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