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mobile digital signage

This solution is designed to use Windows Powered Tablets and can be a stand alone system out of the box for mobile and close quarter locations. This Tablet powered Ad Server can also control a large flat screen display by simply adding an option flat screen TV or Monitor via the built-in Micro HDMI port.

Comes with all you need to start selling and control your Ads from day 1. Includes 1 Ad Server 7 to 10.1″ Tablet  and web log in to control the system via the internet. You can save money and purchase your own Tablet PC, install the software and activate your system for a onetime $50 setup fee if already have systems or $149 to get started which comes with one setup included.

This system is very unique because you can actually carry it around with you in your pocket for live demos (personal hot-spot or WIFI required). Great for marketing and showing what your new clients or locations can expect to see on the screen.

Great for mobile application or to power standard full-sized displays with compatible HDMI port. No keyboard or monitor required and comes pre-loaded with a full Windows 8.1. See more here

 Posted on : March 10, 2015
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