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Start Your Own Digital Signage Business for $199

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YouTube Streaming Update

After more than a year we have updated the software to handle YouTube Streaming again. There’s a few steps to update each of your systems to before it will function. 1 – Download this file and extract into “c:” to a sub folder named “billboards” and inside that folder named “youtube” and that’s it. 2 – Make sure you have Google

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Custom Screen Sizing

So many TVs and Monitors are different and have higher and higher resolutions so I added a custom sizing routine to help with that directly in the software itself. Using the Custom Settings method: Step1: Run the Desktop Control Panel software and connect to your server.  Place your Ad Server in the 1024×768 mode which is the smallest setting in

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A DAM Breakthrough in Digital Signage allows anyone to start their own business for under $200

Now for a little as $200 anyone can start their own Digital Signage Business and run it from the comfort of their living room. DAM (Digital Advertising Media) announces a breakthrough with the help of Lenovo and Intel’s new Compute Stick. A full blown Windows 10 PC the size of pack of gum. The system is not only small but

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DAM now supports Windows based Tablets

This solution is designed to use Windows Powered Tablets and can be a stand alone system out of the box for mobile and close quarter locations. This Tablet powered Ad Server can also control a large flat screen display by simply adding an option flat screen TV or Monitor via the built-in Micro HDMI port. Comes with all you need to start selling

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DAM now pushes Video to any Digital Display with Time Programming

Yes you heard right, you can now program video content from YouTube to activate at a specific  time and date within a 2 minute window to any system you can control. This is as close to having your broadcast system as TV without the need for a station as you can get. This new feature opens up all types of

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Updates to Digital Advertising Media (A to Z Mini Billboards)

  Hello Digital Signage entrepreneurs, Darnell here with some updates to A to Z Mini Billboards now known as Digital Advertising Media or DAM as we call it.Tons of things have changed for the better with our home based Digital Signage business that will increase your ability to earn more profits as well as get back into the business if

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