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After more than a year we have updated the software to handle YouTube Streaming again. There’s a few ste

ideacentre-stick-300-Video and Audio Driver

If you can’t set the video resolution or there’s no sound this will be the fix you’re lookin

This is the DAM vision of how this system can provide jobs for the community it serves. 

Misc Docs

Here are some documents that you can modify that will help you in sales and placement of systems.

DAM Live Setup Software

This is software that will turn your PC (Windows Powered) into an Ad Server for testing. Click here to downloa

DAM Overview

This is the overview of the Digital Billboard business Click here to download 

This is the software that’s used to set up the Digital Billboards and must be installed first before you

This is a simple spreadsheet to show you what you could make with sales and systems. Click here to download 

DAM Live Setup Software

This program is the main Ad Server software that run on the PC converting it into a Digital Billboard System D