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There is a business model that works for everyone!

Digital Advertising Media (DAM) helps you start your own Digital Billboard Advertisement business for just about FREE. Use our Software, a Digital Display (Monitor, TV or Projector) and a PC and start earning thousands each month from the ads you sell in your local area.

Each system can hold up to 1000 ads in zone 1 (Client Area) and up to 50 vertical ads in zone 2 (Sponsor Area). A new ad is shown randomly every 15 seconds by default which can be changed from 5-60 seconds individually when you create each ad.

Sell your Ads for any price you desire to set your own profit margins.

We have no fancy contracts and no credit check required, but we do require you to follow a few community guide lines that give back to your community. MLM strategies are not allowed as well as hateful and ads that produce ill will to your fellow man or woman.

Digital Advertising Media (DAM)  follows a People First, Profit Second business model and believes in passing forward the blessings of success to all mankind.

Digital Signage Business In A Box

Watch how one of our entrepreneurs explains how the system works 

 Posted on : November 1, 2011

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