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billboard TV

What is Billboard TV?

With DAM you can create your own TV network through our Digital Signage or Digital Billboard system. With the latest software you can program video content from any YouTube account to stream at a specific time and date within a 2 minute window to any Ad Server you control in your network. This is as close to having your broadcast studio as network TV as you can get without the need for FCC license or content copyrights.

This takes advertising to a new level and removes all the politics and legal red tape from media distribution. This new feature opens up all types of possibilities for information for you that makes DAM the best Digital Signage system on the planet for the investment and creating profits.

How can I use Billboard TV?

Let’s say you have a Digital Sign (Billboard) inside a Salon and there are people waiting to be served. Normally your digital signage would be displaying ads every 15 seconds which gets boring after a few minutes. Now you can break up these random ads with programmed content like Movies, TV Shows, Funniest Videos, Video Commercials, Sports, Weather, News and more.

The best thing is that you can now sell video content just like the large networks and have it displayed in a public place with no need for FCC approval or copyright royalties payments. The DAM system is privately owned showing publicly allowed content from YouTube which defeats all these restraints.

Setup Random and Programmed Streaming Video

Set videos to randomly break up your display ads and or program videos up to 100 minutes in length to stream down to the second from anyplace in the world. When you’re ready to become the next TV network use the Programmed video triggers to create TV like content that can to scheduled to stream on a set date and time for up to 100 hours in length per video by using our simple Image Trigger system.

Random Videos


Programmed Videos


Download Sample Trigger Images here

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 Posted on : November 22, 2013

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